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Carpet Select Ltd was first established in 1978 and since then have been supplying and professionally installing quality carpets and flooring in Surrey, Croydon and South London. Over the years we have built a reputation as a professional and friendly family business offering a huge range of quality carpets and flooring suitable for any budget. We also have a wide range of carpet remnants and stock in our showroom in Stafford Road, Wallington, Surrey. Although I  we are not a carpet warehouse, customers always surprises at the size of our carpet shop when the walk in.  If you want a free quotation or advice, please call us or come into our store where our friendly staff is here to help you.

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Carpet Fitters

Unlike most carpet shops, here at Carpet Select Ltd, we have our own carpet fitters that work for the company. This means, if you have a problem with the fitting, you come to us (not the fitter). So you don’t need to worry about tracking down a subbie fitter it the carpet fitting goes wrong. Our fitters have many years’ experience. Many companies out there that sell the carpet, and “recommend” a subbie to you. They act like they are fitting the carpet, but is actually an independent fitter. And unfortunately, there are many fitters out there that’s don’t the expertise and experience you deserve to fit your carpet properly. If you ask a few people how their carpet fitting experience was, you might be surprised to hear how many was very disappointed. Weather the fitters were rude or the carpet came up we have many customers come to us after being let down by another carpet company. They would have the carpet fitted by a subbie, the carpet would come up or bubble, and the customer would not be able to get in contact with the fitter. If they contact the company, they would tell them they are not responsible fro the fitting. We feel this is unfair. That’s why a Carpet Select Ltd, we take full responsibility for the fitting. We make sure your carpet is fitter to the highest standard and if there’s any issues, just contact us and we’ll come out and fit it right for free.

Grey Carpet

Their are so many options to choose from which grey carpet, they are not all the same and at Carpet Select Ltd in Wallington we can help you find the perfect one for you. If you’re looking for a grey carpet on a budget, we might have the perfected option for you. In our showroom we have a stocked carpet which is very populour for anyone looking for grey carpet while trying to save some money, the carpet is grey from families and looks great. Come into our carpet shop and see this carpet in stock, we might even had a room size offcut for you in this carpet. If you’re looking for something more luxuries, we have beautiful silk like carpets available which are perfect as a bedroom carpet. This carpet is available from our book, stands and in remnant offcuts and stock. 

Stair Carpet

Whether you’re looking for a plain colour star carpet, a stripped carpet or even stair carpet runners, we have many great options for you at our showroom and have the fitters with the experience to fit the flooring to the highest standard. If you’re looking for a more complicating job which winders on the stairs and whipping for example, you will want an experience carpet fitter to compete the job to make sure he fits your carpet right. The process for a job like that will be to come out and cut the carpet to the exact size you want the runner, then we will send the carpet off to be whipped and come back to fit the carpet for the final time. If you’re interested in stair carpet, vist our showroom on Stafford Road, Wallington today. 

Cheap Carpet Remnant Offcuts

We have one of the larges selections of carpet remnants and stock in South London. We always have thousands of meters available in room size measurements available to be taken away. Whether you’re looking to have some many with our great carpet deals or you need your room fitted asap, we’re sure you find the perfect carpet off cuts for you. We even have 5m carpet remnants for sale for the bigger rooms. And if you need it fitted today, let us know and if possible, we’ll get your carpet fitted straight away. We also have a room full of vinyl remnants and stock in all size and a huge range of acritical grass remnants too. Keep in mind, we don’t just keep remnants at the store. Of course you can by from the books and stands, but we also have 4 huge machines carrying our stock. These are very rare and old machine, as fair as we know, none of the other carpet shops in England have these great machines. They each carry about 8 roles of either carpet, vinyl or artificial grass. As we also keep these fully stock, you can imagine the amount of stock we have, not even including all the remnants we have. Even thought you can find some great carpet deals with our offcuts, remember we also have our books and stands with 1000’s more carpet to choose from of you can find what you’re looking for. Our prices and very fair and reasonable, so you’re sure to get a good deal no matter what.

Vinyl Flooring

Here at Carpet Select Wallington we have a full room dedicated to vinyl flooring remnant offcuts. This is not including all the vinyl flooring stock and sample books we have. So if you’re looking for vinyl or lino and are hopping to find a good price, come into our showroom on Stafford Road, Wallington. Whatever style, colour or size, we are sure to have something ideal for you as we have such a large variety of flooring to chose from in our remnants and stock collection and even more in our books. Even if you just need a small piece for a bathroom, we have perfect size offcuts for you or 1 meter wide roles of stock so you will only pay for the length you need by the 1 meter rather than paying for 2 meters wide. This will have you 50% and if you find a remnant you might save even more. 

Bedroom Carpet 

Many people want a silky soft bedroom carpet today, if this is the sort of carpet you’re hoping to find at an affordable price, we have a great selection for you. One of these carpets is a beautiful grey carpet which is very soft. It’s very reasonably price and whats even better, it comes with some great benefits including being bleach cleanable meaning if you spill tea, wine or anything like that on the carpet, you can clean that carpet so it looks as good as new using up to fifty percent bleach to fifty percent water. Most people are worried about doing this the first time but we promise it works. You will not effect the carpets colour. If you are worried, do ten percent bleach to ninety percent water. The carpet is also UV protected and moth proof which is also really handy. Although this carpet is lovely and at a great price, some people want their bedroom carpets to be extra silky. When this is the case, we recommend a different carpet, it’s a little more expensive but you will feel the difference. This carpet will probably be the softest and most silk like carpet you have ever felt. To see our great bedroom carpets, come into our showroom today. 

Artificial Grass

As fare as we know, we are the only company that offers to cut the artifcial grass, and only charge for the cut you want. Their are some that will sell a 2 meter by the whipth by what ever lenth you want, and some might sell very small cuts as remnants that are about 1 meter by 1 meter. But as fair was we know, no one will cut it down to the size you want and only charge for that piece. If you want a 1 meter by 5.5 meter for a long walk path for example, we will cut the grass to that size and only charge for that piece. This will cut the plice in half for you or maybe even more. Some companies would even charge you for a 4 meter by 5.5 meter because they can only buy the grass in a 4 meter whipthl. They are not over charge, but it will cost you a lot more money. Because w2e buy in the best grass we can find in bulk, we can offer you the product at a much more resonable price. And don’t worry, we have a great range no matter what your budgets and needs are. If you want to transform your garden from dead grass to a beautiful sof green lawn, then we have the perfect options for you. Or maybe you just need a little cut for a school project or something, don’t worry we have plenty to chose from that are perfect for this little projects. We have people come in all the time for the small pieces, so we keep the small bits and still charge the same fair price and it will save you needed to buy a big piece If you want a quote, visit us on Stafford Road 


What People Are Saying


I had a really good experience with Carpet Select, no pressure to buy or hard sell, gave me sound advice about what to pick. Well laid by James and Jenny, happy from beginning to end, thanks.

Sean Dwyer


I just wanted to thank you so much for the efficient service you provided when I bought carpets for three bedrooms recently. The gentlemen who arrived were pleasant, courteous and worked quickly and efficiently. They arrived at exactly the time they said they would, they removed all the old carpets and took them away and fitted the new ones expertly. It was excellent value for money and excellent service. Thank you! Karen & Richard

Richard Moody


Would highly recommend Carpets Select. Professional service from ordering to finish. I needed the carpet fitting very quickly and they made sure it was done in under a week which was amazing. The fitters were friendly, tidy and did a marvelous job. Thank you.

Natasha Holdsworth


They where really helpful and we’ve come away with a great looking kitchen floor. A family run business worth using! Cheaper then the main shops and honest too.

Luke D.

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